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Pressure cooker – a pot tightly fitting lid. With a set of kitchen pots pressure cooker, you are much shorten the cooking time. It is particularly convenient to prepare it in such products, which require a long time to prepare in conventional pans. Just like jelly. Vegetables cooked in a pressure cooker at least lose their nutrients and porridge, rice obtained crumbly.

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I bought a pressure cooker for many years ago, when I was in practice, to “Azovstal” in Zhdanov (Mariupol since then called). I use it to this day, although it’s been more than 30 years. As you can see, the pressure cooker durable. One just need to buy, and can be inherited. What and how to choose the right pressure cooker, will be discussed in this article.

How to choose a pressure cooker

cooker operating principle is simple: because the pan is hermetically closed, pressure inside the pan rises and consequently increases the temperature inside the boiling pot. Under normal conditions, water can only be heated to 100 ° C. And thanks to the high temperatures inside the pressure cooker, you need less time cooking.

When choosing a pressure cooker you need to pay attention to several points:

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The material from which made pressure cooker

The material and the quality of the sealing ring

Cover design of the valve and the pressure cooker mechanism opened and closed pans

Model pressure cooker

The design of a pressure cooker, design, extras package play a role, which is naturally reflected in the price, but do not start. Here you need to focus on their own tastes and needs.

Pressure cookers are made mainly of aluminum and stainless steel, or a combination of these two materials.

Pressure cookers aluminum are strong, durable, have a lower price compared to stainless steel pressure cooker. The disadvantages of pressure cookers aluminum include: rapid loss of appearance, the formation of plaque on the walls of gray inside the pot. Also, when cooking in a pressure cooker products with high acidity, aluminum possible selection in food, which can alter the taste of cooked food and not very good for health.

Pressure cookers Stainless though more expensive, but have a number of advantages. The stainless steel pressure cookers are better preserved and useful palatability prepared products they are not oxidized. The bottom of the pressure cookers in stainless steel has a heat distribution layer that provides uniform heating and prevents burnt food.

Made of stainless steel pressure cookers are usually of steel grade 18/10 or the Russian GOST steel grade 12H18N10. This steel is also called medical because It is made of some medical instruments, and not because it does not breed bacteria.

How to choose high-quality dishes made of stainless steel is written here in this article.

Sealing rings for pressure cookers are made of rubber or silicone. Silicone O-ring is not only more practical and durable but has no foreign odor. This ring provides tightness of the pressure cooker, so the material from which made the ring to pay attention.

The valve for the release of steam – not unimportant structural detail of a pressure cooker. The valve is needed to ensure that during or at the end of cooking is necessary to reduce the pressure inside the pressure cooker pots and open. The design of the valve must be performed so that steam coming out sideways instead of upwards. Otherwise, the burn will be difficult to avoid.

Opening-closing mechanism of the cooker must also be convenient. Ideally, the pressure cooker must be protected, that would not be allowed to open the pan, until the pressure inside will not fall.

Volume pots. Here it is necessary to take into account their needs and how much you prepare. The only thing you need to know the pressure cooker can not pour up to the top, it is necessary to leave the stock in terms of steam, to ensure safety.

What kind of pressure cooker to choose?

Pressure cookers are available conventional mechanical and electrical. Mechanical pressure cooker – this is a common pot, which can be cooked on the stove. The only thing you need to know, not every pressure cooker suitable for a particular plate pattern. For example, a pressure cooker, made of aluminum, can not be used on the stove with ceramic or induction hob. This can leave the pan on the stove surface is practically non-removable stains. Modern mechanical pressure cooker can be equipped with an additional indicator of the pressure of steam, system lock-unlock the lid, as well as the pressure selection valve steam to cook different dishes.

how to choose a pressure cooker electric pressure cooker pressure cooker how to choose skorovarkuElektricheskie more modernized. They are also called a pressure cooker-Multivarki. The cooking process is automated: you need only select the desired menu dish, press the Start button. The rest of the preparation process will go without your participation. There are models that have two containers for cooking. As such, you can simultaneously cook two dishes at once.

As usual electric pressure cooker have heating and delay the cooking mode. What it is also very convenient.

Chashcha electric cooker can be made of aluminum or stainless steel with a Teflon coating.

The electric pressure cooker can cook meals for a couple: in the kit included a basket or plate for cooking such dishes and products.

Now you know how to choose the pressure cooker. But how to choose a pressure cooker, mechanical or electrical pressure cooker, you decide. Any pressure cooker – a useful buying and faithful helper in the kitchen.